Bridgette and Lindsay

Bridgette and Lindsay with Alejandro


Alejandro and Bridgette are the first couple to form in the RP series. They are deeply in love with one another, However Bridgettte voted Noah off But they still going strong.

How it formedEdit

This couple was started by Gwen who told Alejandro that Bridgette liked him. She also said to Bridgette that Alejandro said she was sexy. So even though they were on opposite teams they decided to become a couple.


This couple is going strong. They've shared one kiss at Alejandro's elimination, but with Alejandro returning to the game he and she have more opportunities for more romantic moments. Alejandro also constantly flirts with her as the show goes on.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In PaintBall War, the couple starts to become more official. Alejandro sweet talks Bridgette through out the episode, even though Bridgette likes it, she was concerted for there life's in the game considering

Bridgette and Alejandro about to kiss for the first time.

they were on different teams. Eventually, there hiding spot gets found, and they both get shot. When the score ends up in a tie, Chris makes them compete in the tie breaker, and who ever shot the other one first wins. Even with Heathers threats, Alejandro lets Bridgette shoot him, which meant his team lost. Bridgette's fear later came true when Al was eliminated that night. Before he goes the two share a passionate kiss.

Total Drama ActionEdit