Current ActivitiesEdit


Roleplay is this wiki's main, and longest lasting, activity. On each planed date, users will enter the wiki chat, and play as the characters in the Total Drama series. There has been eight season of this wiki's roleplay. Run by BatmanTDI.

Hurt and HealEdit

Hurt and Heal is a blogged voting computation game, were users "hurt" and "heal" Total Drama Contestants. Each day, a user has the opportunity to take away and add a point to a contestant. Once a contest reaches zero points, they are out. The last person standing wins. Run by the admins

Wiki Improve-athon!Edit

Wiki Improve-athon! is a blogged user computation. Each week users set out a goal to improve the wiki, and earn points by doing so. Each week, when the editing ends, someone who didn't earn immunity/was on the losing team, will be voted out of the game for good. Run by BatmanTDI.

Former ActivitiesEdit

Voting TournamentEdit

Voting Tournament was a blogged activity, were users would vote out characters in various ways. Each week, the cast would get smaller and smaller, until there was one winner. Bridgette won the activity, and was champion of Voting Tournament. Ran by Rj3ful1.